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  •   This is a knit short, that is soft, drapey, comfortable and so easy to wear. And it has POCKETS! It has a 3.25" wide, flat waistband that sits high on the waist but can be folded down to sit lower on the waist if preferred.

    The fabric is 90% Refibra™ Lyocell/ 10% spandex, for a perfect amount of stretch without losing its original shape!. This fabric is made with special Refibra™ technology to create new virgin lyocell fibers from recycled cotton scraps! That means it is 90% upcycled fibers - durable, long lasting, and sustainably made. It has cozy pockets for stashing your hairband, credit card, or shy hands.

    This short is great for all types of physical activities including yoga, barre, fitness workout, rock climbing, skating, and lounging :).

    Proudly made in Los Angeles - fabric, care label, and garment


    PLEASE NOTE: This short has a different fit than our classic short without pockets so please review sizing chart when choosing your size.

    XS: Waist 22-26", Hip 35-38", Inseam 2", Legband is 16" unstretched/flat
    S: Waist 25-29", Hip 38-40", Inseam 2", Legband 16" unstretched/flat
    M: Waist 27-31", Hip 39-42", Inseam 2", Legband 17.5" unstretched/flat
    L: Waist 29-33", Hip 42-45", Inseam 2", Legband 18" unstretched/flat
    XL: Waist 31-35", Hip 44-48", Inseam 2", Legband 19" unstretched/flat
    2XL: Waist 33-37", Hip 46-50", Inseam 2", Legband is 21" unstretched/flat

    Yoga Pocket Shorts - Pune Style yoga shorts with Pockets - Dune

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